Qivliq Federal


Delivering superior outcomes for today’s most complex, business critical enterprise IT systems and services.

  • Data Center Services: Active Directory
  • Data Center Services: Messaging (Exchange)
  • Data Center Services: Virtualization (VMware)
  • Data Center Services: Windows Server, Linux
  • Storage Management (EMC, NetApp)
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server
  • Security Architecture and Infrastructure Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering and Migration
  • Network Management
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Technology Migration
  • Mobile Device Administration and Management
  • Mission Staffing Support

Supporting you across your value chain

Your enterprise must deliver more value to more stakeholders now than ever. Complex systems must return investment faster—at every point across your value chain. And you have less money to do it with. It takes engineering strength, process smarts and a lot of flexibility to deliver this critical budget/performance integration. Difficult challenges for sure. But challenges that Qivliq Federal Group and its industry-leading partners successfully meet—whenever and wherever your business model dictates.

Qivliq Federal Group is committed to emerging technologies, process improvement, sound management principles and quality service as clearly demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certification (QSR-1141. The certification is held at 2553 Dulles View Drive, Suite 700, Herndon, VA 20171.)