Qivliq Federal

Working with You

A priority-driven path to enterprise optimization

Qivliq Federal Group uses your agency’s most critical priorities to fashion a streamlined, cost-smart technology evolution strategy. This way you always keep your resources focused on your most critical business objectives. If you require a seamless cross-agency collaboration solution that doesn’t choke on massive data, this will be our job. If a superior workload management solution is your priority, that’s where our partnership begins. If optimizing the performance of all your Oracle investments is a top priority, then this becomes our top priority. If an enterprise Information Assurance or Disaster Recovery solution is what you need most, then this is where we can help. It’s totally up to you.

Delivering usable functionality sooner

Qivliq Federal Group is a native Alaska-owned, certified 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) dedicated to providing our customers with world-class, outcome-driven business management, policy support and technology engineering services and solutions. We work with our customers to define requirements early at a high level, then refine them through a flexible, iterative process with extensive engagement and feedback from all key stakeholders. This proven best practice enables us to prioritize ideal workflows and break down your project into smaller, more manageable modules. The result: your program structure is better equipped to accommodate change while delivering critical needs and functionality to the end user in much shorter time frames and with considerably less program cost and risk.

Making your mission more manageable

Because Qivliq Federal Group personnel and partners have proven IT systems development and integration experience across some of today’s most complex enterprises, we can support you at any point across your program’s lifecycle—from strategy, design, development and integration, through operations, management, migration and maintenance. We make your mission more manageable because we succeed at our one great passion: adding value exactly where and when you need it most and at a cost that makes this value your very best investment.